Magicians in California

Magicians California

Hire professional magicians in California.

Magicians performing magic shows for corporate events, kids birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, festivals, schools and more! View the magician profile and contact the magician directly!

Magician Phil Ackerly

Magic Shows in Santa Clara, CA.

Birthday parties, Schools, Family events, Corporate events, Kids parties, Adult parties.

Magician Rory Wheeler

Magic Shows in San Jose,, CA.

Colleges, Corporate events, Trade shows, Reception party, Conventions, Country Clubs.

Magician David Martinez

Magic Shows in San Jose, CA.

Cocktail party, Reception party, Weddings, Trade shows, Conventions, Corporate events.

Magician Spencer Grey

Magic Shows in San Jose, CA.

Family events, Birthday parties, Colleges, Conventions, Weddings, Corporate events.

Magician Dante

Magic Shows in San Jose, CA.

Kids parties, Birthday parties, Family events, Churches, Schools, Corporate events.

Magician Tim Mannix

Magic Shows in Los Angeles, CA.

Adult parties, Birthday parties, Kids parties, Corporate events, Conventions, Reception party.

Magician Christopher T.

Magic Shows in Los Angeles, CA.

Kids events, Kid's birthday parties, Family events, Schools, Festivals, Adult events, State Fairs.

Magicians in California

Magic Shows in California.

Kids events, Corporate events, weddings, Family events, Schools, Festivals, Adult events.

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